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Phone: 603-520-0934

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Producing a specialty line of 100% blueberry wines has kept Five Points Berries at the forefront of the wine industry. Our 40-acre farm winery in Mauk, GA offers different varieties so you can find the perfect bottle of wine that meets your discriminating taste. If you are looking for a great local and natural beverage, you came to the right place.

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Our wines are as chemical free as we can make them. We never use sulphites to preserve our wines or to curtail fermentation. Sulphites cause hangovers and allergic reaction in some people. The only sulphites in our wines are trace amounts from sanitizing our equipment. Once our equipment is treated, we triple-rinse with 205-degree water before running wine. If you drink responsibly, you should not have a hang over or allergic reaction to our product. We produce blueberry wines that are pure and allergen-free.

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Make our specialty wines a part of your everyday celebrations. If you want a variety of sweet to dry locally made indulgence, our products are perfect for you. There are several ways to order our line of wines. Call us to schedule a wine tasting appointment at your home or at our winery. You may also order through our shopping cart.